PhD Courses

PhD Courses available for the year 2017:

  • Aspects of mathematical physics I (Pinamonti)
  • Aspects of mathematical physics II (Martinetti)
  • Introduction to induced representation theory (De Mari)
  • Markovian quantum semigroups (Sasso, Umanità)
  • Number Theory (Perelli)
  • Online learning and Bayesian analysis (P. Alquier, organized by Pontil)
  • Reading course on machine learning (Massone)
  • Seminars about algebraic geometry (Martinetti, Penegini, Vigni)
  • Seminars about commutative algebra (Conca, Varbaro)

PhD Courses organized in the year 2016:

  • Advanced topics in commutative algebra (Conca, Rossi, Varbaro)
  • Aspects of the Hough transform and its applications (Beltrametti, Massone)
  • Internet seminar “Infinite dimensional analysis” (Carbonaro, Mauceri)
  • Introduction to the group representation theory (Vigni)
  • Introduction to the theory of unitary representation (De Mari, De Viti)
  • Methods of the analysis of surfaces and their applications (Biasotti, Patané)
  • Mathematical aspects of quantum field theory on curved spacetime (Pinamonti)
  • Reading course about analytic number theory (Bettin, Perelli, Righetti)
  • Reading course about mathematical logic (Rosolini)