Dipartimento di Matematica

Università di Genova


The DIMA building

In this building you can find:
  • the Mathematics Department (DIMA),
  • the Computer Science Department (DISI),
  • the Library (CSBMI).

The entrance is on the 6th floor.

First year Mathematics lectures are held in room 706 on the 7th floor (south wing).

First year Statistics lectures are held in room 704 on the 7th floor (south wing).

THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR STUDENTS on the 5th floor and on the 7th floor; moreover, on the 4th floor, north wing, you can find three rooms reserved for Mathematics, statistics and Computer Science students.

FOR INFO ON COURSES in Mathematics go to room 702 on the 7th floor. For info on exams and rooms please ask at the entrance.

THE LIBRARY (CSBMI) is located on the 4th floor, south wing.

DIMA PROFESSOR OFFICES are on the 8th or 9th floor, DISI PROFESSOR OFFICES are on the 2th or 3th floor.

COMPUTER LABS are located on the 1st floor and on the 7th floor (room 712, north wing).

FOOD AND DRINKS: Vending machines are located on the 5th floor. A mensa is outside the building, between tennis courts and the campus entrance near Villa Gambaro.

GENERAL INFO: are on the boards in the entrance on the 6th floor.

INFO ON COURSES AND EXAMS: are on the boards near room 706.

XEROX: is on the 7o floor, near room 706. You need a card, which you can buy from the nearby dipenser.

PLEASE NOTE THAT: Smoking is forbidden inside the building. You may smoke outside or on the balconies.

There are bins to throw away butts, paper, and so on. You are invited to use them properly.

Clean restrooms are a basic necessity for any civilised person. Therefore users are invited to leave toilets in good order (as they found them) for the next visitor.

Do not write and do not sit on the desks.

Please help us keeping low maintenance and cleaning costs by being civilised: a part of these costs is paid through student fees!

The department is meant for people who want to study and therefore it is forbidden to be noisy or disturb.

Students may use the parking in Viale Gambaro, near the mensa. It is forbidden to enter through the barriers by car or motorbike.

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