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ANNO 2004

Numero Data Tipo Autori Titolo, pagine, note
494 7/1 PREPRINT  M. Grandis  Inequilogical spaces, directed homology and noncommutative geometry, pp.22 
495 10/2 PREPRINT  M. Donatelli  An Algebraic Multigrid for image restoration, pp13 
496 10/2 PREPRINT  M. Donatelli  A Multigrid method with a quadratic approximation as projector, pp17 
497 23/2 PUBBLICAZIONE  A. Belcastro, G. Canepa, G. Fenaroli, M. Modenesi  Alcuni manoscritti relativi all'insegnamento del calcolo delle probabilità presenti nelle carte di Giusto Bellavitis (1803-1880), pp17 
498 8/3 PREPRINT  F. Rapallo  Toric Statistical Models: Parametric and Binomial Representations, pp 20 
499 24/3 PREPRINT  G. Furioli, C. Melzi, A. Veneruso  Littlewood-Paley Decompositions and Besov Spaces on Lie Groups of Polynomial Growth, pp.17 
500 30/3 PREPRINT  M. Donatelli, S. Serra Capizzano  Anti-reflective boundary conditions and re-blurring, pp. 23 
501 30/3 PREPRINT  M. Donatelli, S. Serra Capizzano  On the regularizing power of multigrid-type algorithms, pp. 23 
502 23/4 PREPRINT  C.Fassino  On detecting when a vector lies in a subspace: a numerical point of view, pp.10 
503 23/4 PREPRINT  V.Fragnelli, M. E. Marina  Subscribing an Insurance Policy is Gambling, pp. 8 
504 7/5 PREPRINT  L. Bazzotti  Sets of Points and their Conductor, pp.25 
505 7/5 PREPRINT  L. Burlando  Nilpotent Operators, pp.5 
506 7/5 PREPRINT  G. Dalzotto  Geometric Methods for the Study of Factoriality, pp. 18 
507 10/5 PREPRINT  G. Dalzotto  An Algorithm to Factorize in a Quotient Ring, pp 7 
508 12/5 PREPRINT  S. Vignolo, R. Cianci  A new geometrical look at gravity coupled with Yang-Mills fields, pp 20 
509 20/5 PREPRINT  M. Grandis  The shape of a category up to directed homotopy, pp. 44 
510 18/10 PREPRINT  V. Fragnelli, N. Llorca, S. Tijs  Balancedness of the Class of Infinite Permutation Games and Related Classes of Games, pp 11 
511 19/10 PREPRINT  L. Burlando  Computing the Distance to the Functions with Range in a Given Set in Lebesgue Spaces of Vector-Valued Functions, pp.16 
512 27/10 PREPRINT  L. Burlando  The Distance to the Functions with Range in a Given Set in Banach Spaces of Vector-valued Continuous Functions, pp. 19 
513 2/11 PUBBLICAZIONE  M.V. Catalisano, A.V. Geramita, A. Gimigliano  Secant Varieties of Grassmann Varieties, pp 10 
514 2/11 PUBBLICAZIONE  M.V. Catalisano, A.V. Geramita, A. Gimigliano  Higher Secant Varieties of the Segre Varieties P1X...XP1, pp 16 
515 2/11 PREPRINT  M.V. Catalisano, A.V. Geramita, A. Gimigliano  Higher Secant Varieties of Segre-Veronese , pp 23 
516 2/11 PREPRINT  A. Bernardi, M.V. Catalisano, A. Gimigliano, M.Idà  Osculating varieties of Veronesean and their higher secant varieties, pp.14 
517 2/11 PREPRINT  A. Bernardi, M.V. Catalisano  Some defective secant varieties to osculating varieties of Veronese surfaces , pp.16 
518 2/11 PREPRINT  R. Branzei, G. Ferrari, V. Fragnelli, S. Tijs  Bankruptcy Problems and Minimum Cost Flow Problems, pp. 13 
519 2/11 PREPRINT  Branzei Rodica, Giulio Ferrari, Vito Fragnelli, Stef Tijs  Joint Project Management with Penalties and Compensations 
520 2/11 PREPRINT  M. Margiocco, L. Pusillo  Potential games and well-posedness: static and dynamic cases, pp. 32 

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