Recent PhD graduates

Final defense 2020

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Enrico Cecini XXXI Two studies in representation of signals
Francesca Bartolucci XXXII Radon transforms: unitarization, inversion and wavefront sets
Singh Devashish XXXII Twisting noncommutative geometries with applications to high energy physics
Sabrina Guastavino XXXII Learning and inverse problems: from theory to solar physics applications
Paola Magrone XXXII Generalized Heegner cycles and p-adic L-functions in a quaternionic setting

Final defense 2019

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Stefania Cazzato XXXI Machine learning techniques applied to telecommunication data
João Braga Vasconcellos XXXII Thermal equilibrium states in perturbative algebraic quantum field theory in relation to thermal field theory
Giulia Denevi XXXII Efficient lifelong learning algorithms: regret bounds and statistical guarantees

Final defense 2018

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Giovanni Filocamo XXVII Forme delle conoscenza matematica: visualizzazione, rappresentazione non simbolica e intuizione. Conseguenze sulla didattica
Giorgio Ricca XXX Post processing methods in morphological medical imaging
Federico Faldino XXXI Facets of non-equilibrium in perturbative quantum field theory
Sepeher Jafari XXXI Regularity of powers and products of ideals
Mara Scussolini XXXI Inverse problems in data-driven multi-scale systems medicine: application to cancer physiology
Giamila Zaghloul XXXI Zeros of L-functions and cancellation of modular coefficients along prime numbers

Final defense December the 18th 2017

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Tommaso Bruno
XXX Weighted sub-Laplacians on Stratified Groups and Euclidean Spaces: Spectral Properties and Singular Integrals
Michela Di Marca
XXX Connectedness properties of dual graphs of standard graded algebras
Giulia Frosoni
XXX Equilogical Spaces, Frames and Double-Power Monad

Final defense December the 15th 2017

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Laura Tozzo
XXX Two instances of duality in commutative algebra

Final defense April the 20th 2017

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Elisa Palezzato
XXIX Minimal Polynomials, Sectional Matrices and Applications
Matteo Sciutto
XXIX Metodi di ricostruzione e software di interfaccia in MRI

Final defense February the 22nd 2017

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Daniele Masoero XXIX On the structure of Selmer and Shafarevich-Tate groups of higher weight modular forms
Alessio D’Alì XXIX Homological Invariants and Combinatorical Constructions in Commutative Algebra
Nicolò Drago XXIX Perturbative methods in Algebraic QFT with applications to Thermal Field Theory

Final defense February the 21st 2017

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Sara Rebagliati XXIX Two applications of Hidden Markov Models in Finance
Sara Sommariva XXIX Numerical methods for the study of brain connectivity from biomagnetic data

Final defense July the 26th 2016

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Michela Lavaggi XXVIII On Hilbert Varieties
Eleonora Saggini XXVIII Good Experimental Methodologies and Design of Experiments in Marine Robotics

Final defense February the 24th 2016

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Andrea Gandolfo XXVII The Outset of Connection
Antoine Géré XXVIII Analytic regularization of quantum field
theories on curved backgrounds
Mattia Righetti XXVIII Zeros of combinations of Euler products for
sigma >1

Final defense February the 23rd 2016

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Riccardo Aramini XXVI The relationship between the Radon transform and the Hough transform explained and proved in a distributional framework
Anna Codispoti XXVIII Analytic and Numerical Studies of the
Electron Continuity Equation in Solar Flares
Sara Giordano XXVIII Analytic forward model and numerical inversion methods for the STIX imaging problem
Valentina Vivaldi XXVIII Numerical methods for two inverse problems in Neuroscience

Final defense April the 22nd 2015.

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Sara Garbarino XXVII Compartmental analysis in nuclear medicine: an inverse problem approach
Andrea Gentili XXVI A First Order Deformation Theory for Linear Quasi-Categories
Valeriano Lanza XXVI Hilbert schemes of points of the total space O_{p1}(-n) as quiver varieties
Gabriele Torre XXVII Inverse problems in solar flares: a multi-energy perspective

Final defense February the 23rd 2015.

Ph.D. Graduate Cycle Thesis Title
Davide Bolognini XXVII Betti splittings of monomial ideals and simplicial complexes
Daniel Siemssen XXVII The Semiclassical Einstein Equation on Cosmological Spacetimes
Stefano Vigogna XXVII Extended representations of reproducing kernel function spaces